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Creative Minds is a family owned child development center established in 2015. Having two wonderful children of our own, we learned very quickly, just as many working families do, that high quality childcare can be very difficult to find. These difficulties led us to the decision to open our own high quality child development center. I’ve been in the childcare business for over 15 years; I’ve worked as a teacher as well as a member of management. With these years, come lots of wisdom and experience. Creative Minds Child Development Center will strive to provide your children with a safe, nurturing school, stimulating environment, where their creativity and potential will be limitless.  

Creative Minds will strive to be a top quality childcare facility by participating in the STARS for KIDS NOW Program. We recently attained our first star. Our goal is to be a top quality center with a 4 STAR rating. Although it will be a challenging task, we are confident that we will achieve our goal with hard work and support from our staff and families. Creative Minds will always welcome comments and feedback from our families as well as our employees to help with growth and improvement., cmpaducah

Paducah, Ky.


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