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We now offer Contactless check-in, which allows parents to check in their children using the Procare app without entering your building or by scanning a code once inside.

With a unique QR code,

When parents arrive, they simply pull up the Procare app on their phone, select the QR code icon and scan. After scanning the code, the parent will be able to check in their child directly from their phone. 

Procare offers two options for this: using a QR code and curbside GPS check-in.

Parents can even check in from inside their cars with curbside dropoffs. The simple process is quite similar to opening a digital restaurant menu — parents just open the app, select the QR scan button and scan the code. Done! 

Or parents scan their children in at your center’s front desk. Either way, it’s the same fast and contactless experience for parents, whether on phone or at the kiosk. Choose which contactless check-in method works best., cmpaducah

For the safety of our children and staff, a security system will monitor and prevent unauthorized access into the building. We use personal access codes, as well as finger print scans., cmpaducah
We also provide rubber mulch in  our fenced in play area to increase safety. It is also very sanitary compared to other forms of natural surfaces. Wear and tear on cloths is also greatly reduced. And grass stains are iliminated. 


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